Unforgettable Memories

Instantly share your awesome photos to your phone via email, text, or airdrop.

Social Media Sharing

Take as many photos as you want! It's all about having fun and we make sure to print off every photo.

Unlimited Photos/Prints!

Make yourself feel at home with personalized on-sight printing and custom themed add-ons.

Customization: Prints & Add-ons

Choose a Fun-Machine


The Deluxe

22 people interested in Columbus

The ultimate fun-machine equipped with Unlimited Prints, Backdrops, Social Media Sharing & Props

Social Booth

6 people viewed in the last hour

This little guy knows how to party. Loaded with GIF's, Boomerangs, Social Media Sharing, and LED's. 

Our mission is to make you into a party hero. That means that your guests will rave and talk all day long, how your party was a blast.


Seriously, if your party isn't filled with excitement, photobombs, and people falling over from laughter, we will give your money back. That's a guarantee.

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