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The Deluxe

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The ultimate fun-machine equipped with Unlimited Prints, Backdrops, Social Media Sharing & Props




Social Booth

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This little guy knows how to party. Loaded with GIF's, Boomerangs, Social Media Sharing, and LED's. 



Avg. # of photo booths left for high demand dates: 2

So professional, on time, and great with kids and adults alike! I would highly recommend PhotoSnap to anyone! 

—  Samantha O, Corporate Party


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Imagine your party. All your friends or guests, mingling and having a good time. Someone cracks a joke, people laugh. It's an all-around good time. But something is missing! 

Every great party is unique, but you want your party to be the best. Not just great. Your party may be the place those two sweet lovers meet! Maybe you are the lovers:) You gotta make this day extra special.

Our Social Booth is perfect for a lively environment where many people are mingling. It's a great little station to put in places where people can grab a quick photo and send it to their phone.


Some key features are Boomerangs, GIF's, Social Media Sharing, and LED Lights. Setting this little guy at the entrance of your party is a great way to set the mood, and ensure your guests are comfortable and ready to have a great time. Let's Go!

The Deluxe Photo Booth is an absolute package! This fun-machine will place your guests in a world outside of this world. It's like walking into a magical portal of fun. With features like Backdrops, Instant Prints, and Social Media Sharing, its a package. 


Being a heavy lifter, this photo booth is just waiting to be customized for your party. If you want fun, like doubling over in laughter fun, this is it. In other words, your party will end when we leave. Sorry, not sorry:) 


That's our move, what's yours?

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