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Corporate Events

Premium Services for Premium Brands

Ever since the beginning, PhotoSnap has grown organically by always producing high quality services and images. We can do the same for you! Promoting your brand or product with high quality images is something we excel in.
Our professional studio-quality prints can be perfectly integrated to any of your marketing efforts! Use the high resolution images on your website, newsletter or advertisements!

Promote. Grow.

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How can PhotoSnap

Brand you


PhotoSnap uses digital and physical content to create a unique experience, leaving guests with your very own personal brand message. Our custom prints and digital content can include your logo and information, which will seamlessly integrate with your branding theme and event.


Custom Branded Prints

Custom Branded GIFs


We offer green screen technology which allows you to integrate your branding into the backdrop or prints and remind your guests not only of the fun memories they captured at your event, but also of your brand’s message long after the event ends.

Data Collection

Data Collection


More often than not, photo booths are the highlight of the night. All your potential clients are having tons of fun all in one place. Here is where we come in. Data collection surveys allow you to collect contact information, service needs, and much more. You may use customer contact info used to share images, or use our integrated survey taker for more extensive and detailed surveys.





Personal Logos, Messages, Websites, etc. Or have our designer design something for you!


Make or request custom overlay for GIFs to make you event even more memorable


Custom GreenScreen background, such as product images, logos, brand messages, etc. Or have our designer design something for you!

Social Media

Spread the news of your business or new product when guests share their photos on social media. You receive all emails shared as well.

Lead Generation

Gather emails, names, numbers or any other info from each guest.

Conduct Surveys.


If there is someone at giving people a good time that would be us. Associate those good times with your business for improved brand awareness.

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