Photo Booth FAQ

Is French Lab available for schools ?

French Lab offers chatbot design and integration services adapted to your needs and public:

- Personalized chatbot (curricula, contextualized exercices)

- Language of instruction of your choice

- Integration to your facebook page

✍️Contact us to book a demo!

Can I learn other languages than French?

Only French courses here. But more languages of instruction coming soon... Unlike most learning language app, we focus on quality over quantity. It demonstrates our commitment to offer excellent quality ressources.

What is French Lab?

French Lab is an innovative startup developing French courses through Chatbot technology.

French Lab’s vision is to combine primary tool of communication such as facebook messenger and French language courses.

Since digital materials rarely help with conversational practice, our goal is only to provide exciting, personalized and interactive courses in a learner-centered environment.

Is French Lab only available on facebook messenger?

Yes. We are working on developping the same offer with other messaging apps. Stay tuned! 😉

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