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All About The Deluxe Booth

Our Deluxe photo booth provides a state of the art, interactive photo-taking experience! The booth is a single unit provided with a DSLR camera, professional flash, instant printer, and an interactive screen in which you can pose and share your photos!

The Booth typically requires a 7’x7’x7’ space for optimal operations, as well as additional space if props are used. The booth requires only a typical 120v outlet! The booth is a single standing unit, with a backdrop opposite of the unit.

Upon using the booth guests will be greeted by a host who will guide them through the process! Guests will stand by the backdrop and pose for their pictures, while the host operates the booth. The booth then automatically prints the photos and each person in the photo can receive a print! Guests are also able to share the photos to their devices via the interface screen!

At Photosnap we allow you to fully customize your booth. You can choose from a large selection of backdrops, custom props, and filters to make your booth personalized and matching your party! We offer vast options for custom prints, with the customization of adding logos, colors and text to your prints. Our printers are able to print a 2x6 or 4x6 print for your photo booth, which allows for even more customization of prints!

We also have numerous add-on options including:

-4x6 Prints: Traditional sized photos to take home, opposed to our 2x6 strip options.

-Memory Books: A take home memory book for the customer with a copy of all photos that guests are able sign and write in, with provided markers!

-Custom Themed Props: Props that fit to the theme of your event to make it even more personalized!

-Glam Filters: Photo Filters which offer a filter to the color of your photos to spice them up!

-Green Screen: A Green Screen backdrop that enables you to add your own virtual backdrops!

Each of these options are selectable while booking your deluxe booth!

The Deluxe Booth offers that traditional photo booth feel, with a modern day camera quality and revolutionary sharing abilities!


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