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All About the Social Booth

Our Social photo booth allows guests to take photos and instantly share them directly to their device or social media platforms! The Social booth is a single unit consisting of a touch screen interface with a camera and our software that allows for users to customize and share photos!

Social booths can be used at virtually every event such as weddings, birthday parties, corporate events, and holiday parties. We provide a budget friendly, fun and interactive way for guests to capture memories and transfer instantly to their devices.

The booth requires a 7’x7’x7’ space for optimal operations! The booth is one single standing unit that requires a typical 120v outlet! Optional backdrops can be added upon request!

Guests will be greeted by a host who will guide them through the entire experience! The guests will stand in the photo frame while the host operates the booth. The booth will then produce photos that can be instantly shared to devices via the interactive screen!

The Social booth can be used with any of our sequin backdrops as well as any custom backdrops. Our software allows for custom overlays to be used on the photos, allowing your own personal touch of customization!

A few additional add-ons to further customize your event include:

-Custom overlay, A custom made overlay to add to your gifs, videos, or photos

-Glam filters, photo filters to spice up your photos

-Props, provided by PhotoSnap to add to the excitement

The Social booth is the perfect way to energize your event, while creating lifelong memories!


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