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Are you hosting an event in Columbus, Ohio? Check out how a photo booth makes all the difference!

Whether you are hosting a party or a wedding or perhaps any other social event we have found the perfect solution for you. Ever since the very first cameras came out, they have been a tool to capture moments and hold on to them forever. Today in the present day, we have taken that simple tool and have made the photo booth. Now you can use the photo booth to not only capture amazing memories at your events, but you can even create them.

When you invite all your friends to your party you wish them to have as much fun as possible. When you rent a photo booth from PhotoSnap we vow to make your guests have the time of their life and to capture it on camera.

Guests at a Photo Booth Party in Columbus Ohio

Let's take you through the process of taking a picture at the PhotoSnap photo booth. Firstly, when the guests walk up to the photo booth they have the option of choosing out some fun props which are arrayed and spread out on a table next to the photo booth itself. Once they have chosen their desired props they step into the booth. The booth could be either enclosed by curtains or be open style, depending what was requested by the event planner. By the way, both come free of charge! The guests are presented with a touch screen which gives them the option to start a photo session or if the planner asked for a video option as well. To briefly explain the video option is a 20 second video message to the bride and the groom or the person being celebrated. The photo session, the most important thing is the other option. Once the guests press the photo session button, a timer starts from 8 seconds and takes the picture. There will be a total of 4 pictures and a countdown of 5 seconds excluding the first timer of 8 seconds. Keep in mind that the timer is customizable to any desired time, just ask! After the photo session is finished the guests are able to share their photos via social media by emailing the photos to themselves. The guests are also able to put in their phone number and gain access to an online gallery where they will be able to download their images as well as view/download any images from the event. By the time your guests finish sharing their images they will also receive physical prints of their photo session. The printer prints under 10 seconds.

Bride and Bridesmaids at wedding in Columbus, Ohio

The process takes less than a few minutes allowing all your guests to take pictures not only once but several times! We don't place a limit on the number of photo sessions and number of prints per event because who wants to ruin the fun? After all we are striving to make your event as fun as memorable as possible.

At PhotoSnap, our photo booths will make all the difference at your event. Besides the food of course, we assure you that the photo booth will be the biggest thing at you event. Sometimes it even a bigger thing than the food! And that's saying something. Contact us Today and make your event legendary!


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