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How to Order a Photo Booth

At PhotoSnap ordering a photo booth is a process that is fast, easy, and simple. Within this process there are 3 main steps.

1) Contact us about your event date! When a potential client contacts us we treat them like a valuable opportunity to serve and make great memories with. Upon contact we will respond as soon as possible, generally in less than a day, with the availability of your requested date as well as what services would best suite you. You will receive all of our pricing and will be able to decide what service will best suite your event.

2) Customization! Once you get a general idea of what services will best suite your event, it is time to make your event unique and special. We offer many opportunities to add a personal spin on your event such as custom branding or messages on your prints. We even offer the opportunity to customize backdrops or choose from our stunning collection already at hand! Perhaps you want to brand a product using our green screen and make your unique product the backdrop of every picture. All of these options are available when ordering a photo booth at Photo Snap.

3) Sit back and relax! Once you have contacted us about the availability of your event date and have given us all necessary information about your special day you can just sit back and relax. Photo Snap will take care of everything else. When the special day finally comes, Photo Snap promises to be early to the event by more than an hour to set up the photo booth at no extra charge and we will take it down after the event as well. Set up and take down is done very professionally, you won't even notice we were there! If you requested a custom print design there are no worries in that either. Our team will take care of that for you, which means you don't need to have any graphic design skills at all!

It really is that simple! Renting a photo booth has never been easier before. When you want to have some fun taking pictures with your friends in a photo booth with no stress then that is what you will get. At Photo Snap there is no stress!


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