Celebrate the day the PhotoSnap way!

Why is celebrating your event with PhotoSnap different than with any other service? Because we value you as a customer and our relationship with you is not to simply make money but to truly make you feel confident in your investment in our services!

Now what separates PhotoSnap from other photo booth rentals? Why is celebrating your day the PhotoSnap way better than any other way? The answer boils down to one thing, raw emotion. Unique to PhotoSnap alone, we are able to make memories that will last a life time. Providing rental services is not just about setting up the photo booth for a few hours and making sure it works fine. Our services stretch way beyond that and reveal a set of unparalleled standards. When you rent with PhotoSnap you are not only renting a photo booth, you are renting an experience of a lifetime which will be effectively captured professionally on camera. The best memories consist of being who you truly are on the inside and at PhotoSnap we strive to give people an opportunity to do that.

Celebrating your day the PhotoSnap way comes in many different forms. There are two main reasons people use photo booths to celebrate their day. The first reason is to celebrate with their friends a big event or party such as a wedding, graduation party, or birthday parties. The second main reason consists of businesses wanting to market a newly released product or they want to entertain their employees at a corporate party they are hosting. Regardless of which option you choose, we vow to make your guests have a blast and make memories which will last a lifetime.

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Our mission is to make you into a party hero. That means that your guests will rave and talk all day long, how your party was a blast.


Seriously, if your party isn't filled with excitement, photobombs, and people falling over from laughter, we will give your money back. That's a guarantee.

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