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Large Event Coming Up in Columbus Ohio? Let us take care of it.

With large social events coming up in Columbus Ohio, you may be wondering if the photo booth company you are interested in can handle thousands of guests. It's a big responsibility to service thousands of people in a day, which leaves some people skeptical. Can they really handle it?

Let us put you at ease. Here are four things we will do to ensure all your guests have a great time at your upcoming large event.

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1) Coordination and Day of Logistics

As with any large event, there are many things to take care of. The last thing you need is to baby sit a vendor and make sure that they arrive on time. That is why at PhotoSnap we approach each event with the mindset of doing everything we can to avoid any potential problems. What does this mean for you? Starting from the booking process, we will reach out to you and gather information about your event. Having found out all the details such as how many attendees there will be and where to set up, our event coordinators will get to work. We make sure that everything that is needed to deliver our premium service to you is there. Details such as ensuring the Host arrives an hour before the allotted start time, bringing extra packages of paper, and determining if the Host needs a second assistant to assist the many guests that will arrive are only some of the many details our team will cover on your behalf. With your big event coming up in Columbus Ohio, working with us will ensure you have one less thing to stress about.

PhotoSnap Host and Coordinator

2) Multiple Photo Booths and Hosts

With thousands of people at your event, a few of them might want to get their pictures done through out the day. Photo booths are supposed to be a quick way to grab some amazing photos and keep your guests entertained. But how do you ensure the photo booth doesn't do the opposite and bore guests to death with long lines? At PhotoSnap, we have a simple solution. Depending on your needs, there are several efficient and effective ways to increase the amount of people going through the photo booth. Small changes such as the timer before the photos and encouraging bigger group photos is a great way to shorten the lines. A more sophisticated way to ensure you don't get long lines of bored guests would be to have multiple photo booths . This way, guests have more opportunities to take photos with less waiting times. If you are using our data collection option, this will increase participation with your data collection surveys.

PhotoSnap Event Coordinators and Hosts