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A walkthrough of the most versatile photo booth.

A walk through of the most versatile photo booth in Central Ohio.


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Our vision has always been to create a photo booth that is premium. One so immersive and interactive that it disappears into the experience. And so advanced that it could make, share, and print amazing memories. Say goodbye to old photo booths, and say hello to a premium and modern experience. Welcome to the future.

Sleek and Modern

With PhotoSnap, the photo booth is an experience. The all white, aluminum trimmed, and polished photo booth immerses guests into a premium experience that dazzles the eyes.

Studio Lighting

Any good photo starts with good lighting. Equipped with the latest technology, our photo booths have an incredible range of 6 f-stops at a stunning 14,000 Ls. Each photo booth has a professional studio grade flash, equipped with a polished beauty dish.

DSLR Cameras

Photos containing 12 million pixels are taken by powerful digital imaging sensor cameras allowing for crisp, clean, and professional photos every time.

Touch Based Experience