Premium. Modern.


The Deluxe

Our vision has always been to create a photo booth that is premium. One so immersive and interactive that it disappears into the experience. And so advanced that it could make, share, and print amazing memories. Say goodbye to old photo booths, and say hello to a premium and modern experience. Welcome to the future.

Sleek and Modern

With PhotoSnap, the photo booth is an experience. The all white, aluminum trimmed, and polished photo booth immerses guests into a premium experience that dazzles the eyes.

Studio Lighting

Any good photo starts with good lighting. Equipped with the latest technology, our photo booths have an incredible range of 6 f-stops at a stunning 14,000 Ls. Each photobooth has a professional studio grade flash, equipped with a polished beauty dish.

DSLR Cameras

Photos containing 12 million pixels are taken by powerful digital imaging sensor cameras allowing for crisp, clean, and professional photos every time.

Crisp and Clear.

Responsive Touch

Our Ultra-HD Screens of 2736 x 1824 pixels allow for a responsive touch based experience. Putting the creative power back into your hands. You control all aspects of the photoshoot, from taking to editing your pictures. 

Professional Printers

Equipped with industry leading sublimation dye laser printers, our photo booths are capable of printing 5 times faster than household inkjet printers. Get your prints before you walk away from the booth in under 8 seconds!

Personalized Prints

Let our team professionally personalize your prints with your event theme, info, or logo. Make your photo booth experience all about you.

Social Media

We don't simply stop at lightning fast printing. After every photo session, instantly share your photos, prints, gif's, boomerangs, and video's all from the photo booth. Sure to make everyone jealous of those fun moments you had.


Personalize your photos with our variety of popular image filters to make your memories extra special.

Our mission is to make you into a party hero. That means that your guests will rave and talk all day long, how your party was a blast.


Seriously, if your party isn't filled with excitement, photobombs, and people falling over from laughter, we will give your money back. That's a guarantee.

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