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Why use a photo booth company?

Congrats! You are preparing for an upcoming event such as a party or wedding and you are starting to realize that there are many vendors that have their own photo booths. It seems like everyone in Columbus Ohio rents photo booths, including your venue, DJ, photographer, and maybe even food truck. You may be thinking, so whats better...Get an all in one bundle? Or maybe there is an upside to a specialized photo booth rental company? Perhaps the following three perspective will assist you in your decision.

Group of friends taking photos at a PhotoSnap Photo Booth

1) PhotoSnap Host - A great experience at your party

When entrusting your photo booth needs to PhotoSnap, we will always provide a Host to make sure everything runs smoothly during your party. From setup, maintenance, suggesting poses, and tear-down, our Host will be there as a guarantee of a great experience. Unfortunately, when you book a photo booth through your DJ, Venue, or Photographer, you almost never have this option. Because these secondary service providers will be focused on their primary objective(playing music, serving food, etc), they will not be able to focus and deliver exceptional service with the photo booth. Many service providers use photo booths as a way to easily pocket some extra cash, meaning they won't hire a specialized Host to maintain and run the photo booth. In fact, many times the guest is left to fend for themselves and navigate using the photo booth alone. With PhotoSnap, the guest never worries about these things, because our Host will be there to not only explain the photo booth, but to also ensure the smoothest and most satisfactory experience. Our purpose of existence as a company is to provide exceptional customer care in a fun, unique, and memorable way! That is why we value and are voiced about the great service our Hosts provide.

Photo Snap Host touching Photo Booth. Columbus Ohio

2) It's your event, and it should look like it.

Spinning off the same idea as mentioned earlier, as a company, our sole purpose of existence is to provide amazing customer experience through our photo booths. When adding our photo booth to your party, you have many options to customize your experience to best fit your party! Whether that is making custom props, customizing GIF overlays, start screens, adding digital props, a personal memory book, or even adding personalized signatures to each print, we will surely make your photo booth blend seamlessly into your parties atmosphere. When booking a photo booth through a secondary service, many times a customer will only have the ability to make minor customization such as changing text on the prints.

3)Experts in our field

As the saying goes, "don't be a jack of all trades and master of none". As a photo booth rental company, even within the realm of photo booth rentals we don't provide every type of service that exists. That is because we have decided to choose what's most important and focus on those things. By focusing on customer satisfaction, simply use, and great quality, we ensure that everyone we encounter is left satisfied and happy. Of course you can expect the usual things from us a photo booth company should do. However, as many of our users will say, we over-deliver in the smallest of details. Small details such as always keeping you up to date about the arrival of your rental up to an hour before your event through text and email, to make sure you don't even have a chance to stress or second guess the arrival of your fun making machine. All these little details add up to become a wholesome and amazing experience that simply put, was a pleasure to be part of.

We are here to serve you and provide exceptional service. PhotoSnap Photo Booths Columbus Ohio

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