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Our Photo Booth is for YOU

You have an event coming up and you got the idea of a photo booth! You quickly realized that there are many options to choose from around Columbus and you are not sure what to do. We are going to make things simple and easy for you to understand. Make the right decision for yourself today.


4 Reasons Our Photo Booth is for YOU:

1) Quick, Easy, and Great Support

- Book your event under 2 hours. No long waits for answers

- Call us at anytime with any questions about packages, or your rental

- Entire Booking process is online. No need to print any agreements

We believe in great customer service, and strive to make sure booking our photo booth rental is as easy as possible. Our entire booking process is online, meaning you can access us no matter where you are. There is no need to print and sign any agreements, and there are no trips to the post office to send checks. Everything is simple and quick. On top of that, you are always one call/text away from a supportive team member who can guide you through the booking process and make your experience with us smooth and satisfactory.

PhotoSnap support team, columbus photo booth rentals

2) 5 in 1 Deluxe Photo Booth

- GIF's, Boomerangs, Photo Strips, etc

- Customized Unlimited Printing On-sight

- Integrated Social Media Sharing via text, email, Facebook, and Twitter

Upon entering our photo booth, you will be pleasantly greeted with a plethora of features. These features are perfect for many different types of events. In big private events such as weddings, people value their experience. We offer guests an opportunity to take unlimited photos which they receive physical prints of in a matter of seconds! 10 seconds to be exact. Can't wait a few seconds? No problem, because while you wait for your prints, you may text/email your prints, GIF's, and singles to yourself. Did I mention there are unlimited prints? Yes, you heard that right, we will never tell you "no more prints".

3) Customization

- Customized Prints, GIF Overlays, Props, Texts, and Emails

- Customize time of arrival and departure

- Pick an outfit for your Host

At PhotoSnap we understand that it is our duty to create a wholesome and amazing experience for you. The best experience is an experience that is personal and unique to you. That is why we allow you to customize virtually every aspect of your photo booth! Most people simply customize their printouts and add a custom GIF overlay. However, we are here to serve YOU after all. Whether you would like customized prints, a custom hashtag on every Facebook share, specific dressing style for your Host, or have us arrive extra early to setup, our Event Specialists are here to help.

4) Sleek and Modern Look

- Small and Compact

- Simply design compatible with many styles

Having served many different styles of events, without a doubt one of the first things people say when walking up to the Deluxe Photo Booth is "wow this looks nice!". When you think of a photo booth, there is a good chance you remember the older styled booths. The black boxes with the curtain and the uncomfortable seat. Like seriously? You want to tell me you didn't have space to jump on top of your friend to get a killer photo? Our photo booth has a small footprint of just 2' x 2', which means you can bring energy and fun to virtually any location. No longer is the photo booth simply an add-on to your event, but now it becomes part of your event, part of the greatest memory of the night.

PhotoSnap Photo Booth Rentals: How to Book your Event

1) Click "Book Now" and Select a Package.

2) Sign the Rental agreement and Pay your deposit.

3) Your rental is secured!

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