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PhotoSnap Helps Local Homeless Shelter in Partnership with Grace Fellowship

PhotoSnap promised to help our community and now we would love to share a story of an amazing opportunity we had to serve a local homeless shelter during the holidays!

Husband and wife with their lovely child having fun at PhotoSnap with crazy props.

The holidays are a special time for everyone. A local church decided to help the less fortunate living in the outskirts of downtown Columbus Ohio by providing them with a fun and festive time at a local YMCA. They offered food, games, competitions, and much more. Grace Fellowship asked us for a photo booth rental service in order to allow the guests of this event be as fun as possible. Because we were available we were able to provide a 5 hour service for free! (check out how PhotoSnap can help your non-profit)

At the event we had a blast with the kids there and their parents. They absolutely loved the photo booth and its green screen. We are pretty sure the photo booth was the highlight for every person there! Originally PhotoSnap was supposed to run the photo booth there for 4 hours. But since everyone was having so much fun we stayed an extra hour!

We hope this short story about how PhotoSnap helped the community by providing free entertainment services will inspire you to do the same. We are always willing to help out those in need so just ask for a non-profit discount!


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