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PhotoSnap helps non-profits

The world we live in will always be a better place with people that help the community around them. PhotoSnap has vowed that it will help non-profits whenever they can!

Before we get in further into how PhotoSnap can help your non-profit needs, we would like you to stay tuned for a future blog of how PhotoSnap helped a local church serve a homeless shelter during the recent holidays!

So let's get right into it. If you are hosting a local fundraiser for non-profit purposes we are willing to help you. No event is created equal and therefore not all event will receive the same discount. There are different types of non-profit events.

Our number one priority in the realm of non-profit is organizations that help people in need. Our second priority is organizations such as fundraisers for schools. Both causes are very important but at PhotoSnap we have decided that people in need of basic things deserve more immediate help.

So first off, if you need a photo booth to entertain or even promote your fundraiser or non-profit event for people in need we will always give you a discount. Depending on our availability for that date and the amount of workers available there is a chance we could provide a photo booth rental for FREE! Again, it all depends on availability, but the chance is there! Even if you receive a free photo booth rental, you will not have to worry about you date getting taken by a customer willing to pay. If you ask, we serve! As a small disclaimer, there is a chance we will ask you pay a small fee for printer paper if your event is over 300 people.

If you are hosting a school event that is working for non-profit purposes you are very likely to receive a discount as well as tax exemption! As a former high school student, I remember my school working to help veterans and other similar events. PhotoSnap is more than willing to continue this good tradition and is willing to help these students. Schools are able to receive up to 50% off their orders! However again it depends on availability.

I hope that PhotoSnap can help serve the community in some way with our fun and entertaining photo booth rental services! Hope we can work something out.


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