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5 Reasons the Social Booth is for you - PhotoSnap

The new year of 2019 is going to be a year of hard work and accomplishment. That is why you need a simple solution to bring lot's of fun and entertainment to your celebrations!

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The PhotoSnap Social Booth at a Rooftop Party. Dock 580

Here are 5 reasons the Social Booth is the perfect fit for you!

5) Ease of Use

The Social Booth has a very simple touchscreen interface that allows guests of all ages to have a great time. Whether you are tech savvy or classy, you will be able to be snapping those amazing photos in no time! Your PhotoSnap Host will be by your side at all times, making sure that you are able to take, share, and receive photos with ease. There will be no excuse to have a great time!

PhotoSnap Host demonstrating how to use the PhotoSnap Photo Booth, Social Booth, Deluxe Booth

4) Easy to Accommodate.

At PhotoSnap, we believe in helping you have a great time. Therefore, we have made it very easy for you to accommodate the Social Booth to your celebration. Being only 2' x 2', the Social Booth can virtually be placed in any corner, as to not be in the way, but still always by your side. Our event coordinator will ensure there are no logistical problems on the day of the event by reaching out to you in advance. The PhotoSnap Host will take extra precautions to avoid any potential problems by arriving 1 hour before your event start time to ensure the Social Booth is ready to rock the party on time!

The PhotoSnap Photo Booth is modern and sleek and simple, Social Booth, Deluxe Booth

3) Brings Energy

Whether you are hosting a wedding, grand opening, or an employee appreciation, you will need energy. Lots of it! Energy helps people open up to be themselves, to be more generous, be more willing to purchase your product, and allows others to have a better time. The Social Booth is the perfect modern looking little package filled with joyous memories and good times. It's like Christmas all over again! Grab your friend, snap a pic, have some fun, snap another one, and you now have a lifelong memory!

Two friends having a great time with PhotoSnap, photo booth

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2) Superb Quality

One of the core beliefs of the PhotoSnap culture is that we believe in over delivering. Having looked at our competition, we understood that there is a great need to finally give the customer what they didn't know they need. Unfortunately, many customers are not even aware how bad the quality of the images they are receiving until they take a look at ours. At PhotoSnap, we believe that the better the memory is preserved, the longer it will last. Because of this, we have dedicated our efforts to bring you the best images possible.

Group of male friends having a great time with PhotoSnap, Funny colorful props, photo booth

1) Professionalism & Expertise

When you are planning a celebration, you are putting much on the line. The last thing you need is that something goes wrong. Unfortunately, there are times where no amount of preparation can avoid certain problems. That is why it is crucial to team up with an experienced and dedicated team like PhotoSnap. Not only will we work with you to avoid potential problems, but we will stand strong with you when things go wrong. Whether that means helping adapt to last minute changes, sending in a back up photo booth, or simply being an extra helping hand. No matter what, at the end of the day we are simply here to serve your needs!

PhotoSnap Host with the Deluxe Booth and Social Booth, Professional and modern photo booth

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