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Why you need a photo booth in 2019?

It's a new year and there are many celebrations coming up. From graduation parties, product launches, and weddings, there are many opportunities to make your upcoming event extra special. If you're on the edge about renting a photo booth, or simply want to know you made the right decision here are a four reasons why your upcoming event will be incomplete without a PhotoSnap Photo Booth

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1) A proper ice breaker

Imagine you are at a party with many, or even a few people you don’t know. Just a few unfamiliar faces is enough to make people uneasy. A photo booth is the perfect ice breaker in many situations, ranging from cocktail hours, conferences, and galas. There is some about that timer before the photo is taken that compels people to do some pretty funny things. As an event host, this is exactly what you are looking for. Whether it is your wedding, your private family event, or a new product launch, you need your guests to feel at ease in order to make great memories.

Group of Guests around PhotoSnap Photo Booth


2) Share special moment

Step into a photo booth with some of your friends and you might just learn a new thing or two about them. Crazy faces, yelling, laughing, you name it we've seen it all! The best part is that when you go home, you know that those precious moments you spent with those that matter to you will not be forgotten. You will have a print out to take home, AND you will be able to text/email and even post on Twitter/Facebook directly from our photo booth. There will be no excuse to not let the world of the amazing time you just had. Did someone mention taking another photo?!


3) Suitable for all ages

Are you having a formal gala? Or maybe that Elsa themed Disney party you promised your little one? It doesn't matter. PhotoSnap Photo Booths are a suitable entertainment for all ages. In fact, we even encourage family photos. Imagine that! A family photo where you actually don't argue or some kid isn't crying. You might as well send that photo to yourself and frame it. Done, history has been made. In all seriousness, if you ever go to a party with a photo booth, at least the ones that used PhotoSnap, you will find a long line of excited individual of all ages, eagerly awaiting their turn to make some fun memories. What are you waiting for? Get in line.

Elders and young millennial's in PhotoSnap Photo Booth

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4) The Best Host Ever

It doesn't matter what kind of party you are hosting, whether that may be a wedding, corporate employee appreciation, product launch, or a private birthday party. At the end of the day, whether we like it or not, people will be taking mental notes for future reference whether or not to ever come to a party hosted by you again. Harsh right? Tell us about it. But imagine if those mental notes are negative? What would that cost you? Sales? Your dignity? Legacy? Now imagine your party was amazing! Great food, great music, even better drinks and to top it off a photo booth. Kind of like a cherry on top. Actually, no imagination needed. With a party like that people will be going home thinking..."It's over already?"..."That was awesome!"..."Time well spent, for sure!"..."That host (Yup You) really knew what they were doing!". Enough said, the button is below. We are here to serve you :)

Group of Friends taking Photos in PhotoSnap


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