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What's Next After Booking?

1. After booking with Photosnap you will receive an invoice within 24 hours of booking.

2. Required on each invoice is a $150 deposit to secure your booking, and begin the customization process.

3. Once the deposit is completed you will receive a questionnaire allowing you to customize your event.

-The Questionnaire includes:

-Backdrop selection of Gold Sequin, Black Sequin, Silver Sequin, as well as White Sequin

-Add-on selection which includes:

-Custom Themed Props: Props to fit to the theme of your event!

-4x6 prints: Larger prints to take home!

-Glam filters: Photo filters to spice up the photos!

-Memory Book: A book for the customer with all copies of photos taken from that night that guests are able to sign!

-Print Customization

4. We ask that 2 weeks prior to your event, the remaining amount is paid in full to complete your booking.

5. On the day of your event a host will arrive 1 hour prior to the start of your event to begin set up.

6. The host will operate and be engaged for the entire duration of your event to ensure smooth operations.

7. Once the event is completed the host will clean up completing your booked event with PhotoSnap!


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