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PhotoSnap works with Columbus Ohio Businesses

It's a new year and your company is ready to work harder than ever! Soon you company will hit yet another milestone and it will be time to celebrate. Whether you are looking to launch a new product, appreciate some employees, or entice new customers, PhotoSnap is ready to serve you and your brand. Here are 5 reasons PhotoSnap is the perfect solution to corporate celebrations.

Book Now at PhotoSnap Photo Booth Rentals, columbus ohio rentals, event rentals

Book Now at PhotoSnap Photo Booth Rentals, columbus ohio rentals, event rentals

1) Premium and Professional, just like you.

There are so many cheap photo booth rental alternatives promising golden results. These services can only be described as left over pizza. Sure it's pizza, it's there, but it just doesn't quite taste and bring the satisfaction of that fire blazed, juicy, steamy, and fresh pizza that came out of the oven. Your company is built on high standards, and you should work with people who live and breath the same high standards of your company. Don't let someone infiltrate your companies amazing culture and standards with anything less than premium and professional. Just look at that photo booth. It's a beauty.

PhotoSnap Photo Booth: The Deluxe

2) Awesome Customization

When using any service provider, it is important they are able to cater to your needs in a way that makes them seamlessly integrate into your company. With PhotoSnap, customizing your photo booth rental brings endless opportunity. Upon booking with us, you will have the opportunity to communicate with our designers and customize your own Welcome Screen, Prints, GIF Overlays, GreenScreen, Custom Props, and even a personal Memory Book! The photo booth will be so personalized, you just might want to keep it for yourself after the event.

3) Data Collection to grow your brand

Every great company is built on receiving feedback and effectively implementing changes based on that feedback. PhotoSnap is not only a great entertainment tool, but a powerful brand building tool. How do we do that? It's simple. It is very rare that a photo booth is not the center of attention at a given event. With so much laughter and funny poses, people just can't help themselves but be pulled into it like magnets! After a photo session, the guests will be asked to complete a survey before printing off their amazing photos. This survey is completely customizable to your needs. What better way to receive feedback from your guests or employees than to ask them when they're in a good mood? Did we mention this is a great tool for product launches and focus groups?

4) Social Media Sharing

Social Media is very important to us humans nowadays. According to the New York Post, on average Americans check their phones every 12 min throughout the day. That adds up to 80 times a day! Social media is no doubt important to us and PhotoSnap has embraced that. On top of printing, after each photo session, each guest will have the opportunity to share their photos via text, email, Facebook, or Twitter. As the host, you will be able to set what the hashtags and captions are on each post! Once your photos are shared, each person will also receive a link to an online gallery on their phones, from where they will be able to download and share photos. Check out an example online gallery here:

Social Media with PhotoSnap Photo Booth Rentals

5) We are here to make life easier

Okay so the reason your are having this party in the first place is to relax. It's supposed to be a good time of team bonding and reward for the years hard work. You guys absolutely deserve a pat on the back. Planning this special event to relax with your fellow co-workers should not be stressful. Otherwise it defeats the purpose. Right!? We brand ourselves as a premium and luxury service because that's our ultimate goal. And we achieve it very well. Check out our reviews. When working with us you should never expect anything less than 100% focus and dedication to working out every detail, making sure we take care of the stress for you. Once you reserve your event, the only work you have to do is come up with a master plan to photo bomb your boss. We pay attention to small details like know one else, such as arriving 1 hour prior to the event to set up, providing high spirited, professional, and highly engaging Hosts, and always keeping you up to date with any changes, as well as confirmations about your event. Book today, and we promise the opportunity to photo bomb your boss ;)! Reserve Here:

Book Now at PhotoSnap Photo Booth Rentals, columbus ohio rentals, event rentals


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