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5 Pro Tips for Wedding Planning

Your upcoming wedding day is a once in a life time experience, so why not make it unforgettably awesome with these 5 pro tips!


5) Some Attention

4) No waiting time

3) Good Food

2) A Great DJ 1) Photo Booth

5) Some Attention

Let's face it, your wedding will get pretty busy and stressful. Many couples have an entire schedule of activities that span the entire day, from morning to evening! It is very important that as a couple you give some attention to your guests. They have traveled from out of town, out of state, and it would be a disappointment if they never get a chance to talk with you. So make sure to leave some time where you can walk around and talk to your guests.

4) No waiting time

Over the years, if there is one thing that we have learned then that is that couples absolutely love taking pictures! However, as you go out to take your cute pictures with your wedding party, please don't forget about your guests. The last thing you want is your guests leaving before the wedding even ended. Make sure you have something entertaining your guests. Perhaps order some food for a cocktail hour, or maybe hire a magician. Whatever you do, make sure you keep the energy elevated in the room.

3) Good Food

Okay, so you have given your guests the attention they need, and even entertained them. However, can you ever imagine people being happy on an empty stomach? If there is anything you are planning to save money on, never back out on food. You can always skip the balloons or something, but going cheap on the food just might be the thing that ruins your night.

2) A Great DJ

No matter how good your food is, or how gorgeous your venue is, nothing will get your guests in the mood like some good music. Over the years we have noticed that often times DJ's are the ones that will decide whether the guests will leave home early, or stay as late as possible, enjoying the night. It is very important to consider when hiring a DJ, are they an energetic person. The last thing you want is a DJ that just sits back and let's their music play. Make sure they will interact, and bring energy to the dance floor.

1) Photo Booth

Why is the Photo Booth the number one must have for you? No, it is not because we are a photo booth rental company ;) But seriously, after being to many weddings, we can assure you that a photo booth adds that much more excitement to your event. Not only will a photo booth allow your guests capture your amazing wedding day, but a photo booth allows your guests to free up and be a little silly!

Person interacting with PhotoSnap Photo Booth


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