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5 Photo Booth Fun Facts

Share some of these interesting fun facts about photo booths with your guests!

Learn some of the rich history you wouldn't expect from photo booths.

5 Photo Booth Fun Facts

1) The first patent for a photo booth was submitted in 1888! Yes 1888! They probably built it later, but still.

Side of PhotoSnap Photo Booth

2) On March 27, 1927, Josepho Anatol, the inventor of the modern photo booth made his first million after his photo booth ​​appeared on the streets of New York.

3) Photo booth companies that design their own photo booths as opposed to purchase them are more dedicated and passionate about providing the best services possible.

4) Old style photo booths fell in popularity, you know the old ones in the mall people only used for passport photos. However recently, in the early 2000's photo booths made a comeback after photo booth rental services started producing high quality and premium photo booths. Today, BBC has named the photo booth a "must have" at any wedding or party.

5) Believe it or not, for once the USA is not leading in the photo booth industry. (haha just kidding of course) Actually, Europe and Eastern Asia are filled with photo booth stands that can be found everywhere. These photo booths are usually used for portrait photos and passport photos. Although the USA is not leading in photo booth use, and the industry here is fairly small, unlike other countries, photo booths in the USA are purely used for entertainment purposes.

We hope you enjoyed these short fun facts! Check out our Photo Booth page to learn what makes PhotoSnap Photo Booths the most versatile around Ohio.


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